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Thiago Alves: A Pattern of Problems Making Weight

Today's failure to make weight for his fight against Matt Hughes isn't the first time Thiago Alves has battled the scales. Back in early 2007 Alves was suspended for using diuretics to help him make weight for his fight against Tony DeSouza:

Thiago Alves (11-3 MMA, 4-2 UFC) has been suspended for eight months and fined $5,500 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing a post-UFC 66 drug test, according to Ivan Trembow at

Alves posted a victory over Tony DeSouza at UFC 66 with one of the night's most lopsided and exciting bouts. In fact, because of the victory, Alves seemed to become a welterweight contender overnight -- with even yours truly championing the cause.

However, after the fight, Alves tested positive for a diuretic, Spironolactone. Alves admitted he used the drug in order to make weight for the fight, which originally appeared on the night's undercard.

As a wag in our comments section pointed out , the UK doesn't drug test fighters, so I guess Alves should get some credit for not going back to the medicine chest.

NOTE:  As an even more well informed wag in our comments section has pointed out,  the UFC does test in the UK and they've already busted one fighter.