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Quote of the Day 2: Money WAMMA Belt Edition

"Many fighters and members of the media have spoken out about the need for a sanctioning body to create undisputed champions, but until a real solution is found, it's clear that an organization that is going to play keep-away from two of the world’s top MMA leagues is the answer.

WAMMA will blame UFC for not participating, but Zuffa’s refusal to participate was anticipated from the beginning, and no solution seems to exist.

You can’t blame WAMMA for having a goal, but the execution of their championships leaves much to be desired. The organization ultimately hopes to promote the sport and help determine the best of the best, but in moving forward without a real plan in place, all they’re doing right now is adding more confusion to the situation."

-- Mike Chiappetta, who is clearly having the same reservations as your's truly. I cannot for the life of me see what kind of believable long term plan WAMMA can possibly have.

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