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The Case Against Forrest Griffin

Desert Dog makes it:

Forrest only has two likely ways to pull out a victory in this fight grind out a decision or catch Quinton in a submission during a scramble. Forrest just doesn't knock people out, especially block heads like Rampage. He has excellent ground skills, but is self admittedly lacking in the area of takedowns. He will have the gas tank to go full speed with Jackson for five rounds and after seeing both of their last fights it's a very likely outcome.

Unfortunately for Forrest Quinton is likely to be the aggressor for more of the fight and in the in I think he'll pull out another decision to defend his title.

Two things. First, I believe this fight will be significantly closer than folks imagine. Forrest is going to come into this fight very well prepared and I believe will give Jackson everything he can handle. Griffin trains incredibly hard and has the benefit of training with Wanderlei Silva, a man whose use of the clinch brutalized Jackson twice. In addition, I expect Griffin's size to be a factor in allowing him to apply the clinch both from a height, weight and reach factor.

The only issue I have is Griffin's chin. It's not a bad chin, but it isn't exactly sturdy either. Jackson is a notoriously hard puncher and even if Griffin is able to stay tight inside on Jackson in the clinch or with pressure against the fence, Jackson's power and underrated combinations can do enough damage to allow him to follow up on a hurt or stunned opponent. It's also interesting to note that despite being bigger and longer, I also don't think Griffin has the advantage kickboxing on the outside. The way for Griffin to win is with patience and timing and by deciding when the action of the bout should take place.

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