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Quote of the Day: Underselling Rampage Jackson

"Stranger still is an auspicious lack of promotion for Jackson, who has easily earned an hour's worth of highlights in his Pride career. Why not package a propaganda piece prior to the show that elaborates on his impressive history? Wasn't that more or less the point of acquiring that video library?"

-- Jake Rossen, in a piece wondering why there is no heat in the build-up for Griffin vs. Jackson this weekend at UFC 86.

I'm somewhat mystified by the lack of mainstream enthusiasm for Rampage as well, but we forget that Rampage's appeal is driven by both his endearing personality and in-cage performances. It's the one-two combination that he possesses that makes him so likable to the hardcore fan base: you laugh when he talks, and cry for his opponents when he brutally slams them to the canvas. With a 10 month layoff since his last fight, it's not hard to see why casual fans need more than a few jokes about Griffin's ears or stained underwear to become Rampage's street soldiers.

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