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They Can't Both Be Right

I was pretty sure just an hour ago that every stoppage at the Elite XC event was justified, but now Kaitlin Young is speaking out and things are looking hazy once again.

Yesterday, Kaitlin Young posted about the stoppage on Fightergirls:

My left cheek and area surrounding the eye are looking pretty ugly today, but there was no major damage. Though it may have looked like it on tv, I never actually had an open wound.

What you didn't see was that the doctor actually cleared me to fight the third round but the commission said "no". I wanted to continue, my corner wanted to continue. The cut likely would have opened in the third but it was under the eye. If I had to guess, I would say that they didn't want the visual of a woman with a bloody face on CBS.

They also chose not to do a post fight interview with me or to include me in the post fight news conference and after party. I think the reason for that was my beat up appearance after the fight because I was not seriously injured and was completely coherent.

I am very disappointed about that but cant help but wonder how people would have responded to that, as stupid as it is.

Earlier, Sam Caplan posted an email from Doctor Sherry Wulkan on the doctor stoppage:

“When we saw Kaitlin in the cage, we were concerned about an orbital fracture. Both she and her corner were grateful that the fight was stopped and actually thanked us for stopping the fight. When she first returned to the dressing room, she said she wasn’t sure why the fight was stopped, but after looking in the mirror, she was glad we did. That is almost a quote verbatim. She said she was overwhelmed and that Carano definitely got the better of her on this occasion. I don’t read the blogs [Editor’s Note: Dr. Wulkan is referring to an alleged post by Kaitlin Young on, however, the post has yet to be verified as actually being authored by Young herself], but perhaps she was not well reviewed and this prompted the response you forwarded.

“We did not stop the fight because it looked ugly or because she was a woman, but because she had taken some major abuse, and because we were afraid she had a fracture. The risks of orbital fractures are well known to ringside physicians.

“Her response seems more like a vendetta for not being invited to the interviews . It’s a shame, because she presented herself very professionally both before and after the fight on fight night."

Sounded pretty legit to me, but Kaitlyn Young has now responded:

Hey! Well, heres the deal. I want to make it clear that I am not taking anything away from Gina by saying that I feel it was an early stoppage. It is not my intention to suggest that she wasn't clearly winning in the end of the second round. I was more than able to fight, but likely to become bloody soon.

Also, the doc that checked me out right after the round okayed me. The commission came over to my corner, with Dr. Sherry ???? in tow, and then the fight was ended. Things I said afterward have been twisted, but I definitely did not want to stop fighting yet and I did not thank anyone for the stoppage.

I have no orbital fracture. I was not directly "banned" from the post fight press conference, I was simply never told about it while the other fighters were all present. Gina was the one who informed me, and offered me tickets, to the after party. As for the post fight interview, I was never asked to do one for Elite or CBS, but I did one with MMA weekly/ HD net minutes after my fight ended and in between rounds of the Lawler/Smith fight. When that is posted, people can judge for themselves whether or not I was coherent.

I'd like to be done with this now. It was all started over a post I made explaining the stoppage as people thought it looked early and wondered where I disappeared to after the fact.

Thanks everyone for your interest and support. Now where did I put my ice pack?

Here's the deal: One of these two is either lying, spinning, or misremembering.  They clearly have different memories of what happened, so I guess we can choose between the beaten up fighter or the doctor under fire.

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