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Back to Normal

I've been in Las Vegas essentially the entire week and I cannot possibly describe to you how badly I want out of this town. This entire town is a nefarious hustle and taxing on the body and soul. I was walking down the strip yesterday and felt like I was in the "Chappelle's Show" sketch where Dave Chappelle went to "the Internet" as if it were a real place. At first Dave is impressed with the dazzlying displays and array of options, but over time he realizes just how seedy and depraved the Internet actually is. I can think of no more apt a comparison from an experiential perspective. In any event, I basically took off blogging the past week and only posted once. The rest of the staff did a great job in my absence, but a particular thanks goes to Kid Nate for pulling double duty and getting the meta-rankings pumping again. I've got some really cool announcements to make in the coming weeks and will be returning to full form starting tomorrow. So thanks for sticking around and be sure to come back tomorrow.

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