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UFC 86 Upset Prediction: Chris Lytle

At UFC 86, Chris Lytle fights Josh Koscheck in a fight a lot of people are overlooking. Koscheck, like many wrestlers that have been accused of being boring, has changed his style.  His last fight with Dustin Hazelett was a great example of how he has eschewed taking people down and riding them out in favor of putting on exciting fights for fans.  If he keeps that up at UFC 86 against Chris Lytle, he could be in big trouble.

Chris Lytle has great hands, as we all saw in his great performance against Thiago Alves.  I simply don't see Josh Koscheck winning a striking war with Chris Lytle.  He's going to need to utilize his wrestling to win this, and I suspect that as soon as he gets a taste of Lytle's hands, we'll see the old Koscheck again.  Still, given the odds on this fight, I think Lytle is a great upset pick.  

Credit to ESPN for the picture.

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