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Cung Le Focusing on Film Work

From an interview with MMA Top Gun:

Franz: Are you training full-time?

Cung Le: I train full-time but I just landed a big movie role with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. It's been pretty exciting for me. I didn't even get the role for my fighting abilities. I actually auditioned and I got it off straight acting.

Franz: Wow, that's very impressive.

Cung Le: Yeah, and right now we're in talks with John Woo for one of his next projects. I don't know exactly when I will fight again but I make sure I'm staying in shape and just being smart about things. Picking and choosing my projects and also my fights.

Franz: Is there anybody out there that would excite you to fight?

Cung Le: Right now I'm so excited about my role that I really never even thought about it.

Franz: Definitely, I'm surprised to hear about this.

Cung Le: There's a lot of great fighters out there. Of course, there's the great Anderson Silva but that matchup doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen. He's UFC, I'm Strikeforce. In the meantime, my next opponent is this movie. It's an opportunity where I get to carry the action the whole movie and have a lot of acting. Actually, a little pressure for me. It's almost like my first MMA fight. I have a lot of heavy dialogue with Ben Foster even though it's in a different language. It's a lot of facial, a lot of non-verbal communication.

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