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Gomi vs Horodecki At Sengoku 4?

Nightmare of Battle spotted something very interesting in MMA Weekly's rumors section:


-Takanori Gomi (#2 Lightweighter in the World)* vs. Chris Horodecki

Lightweight Tournament Participants:
-Duane Ludwig
-Rodrigo Damm
-Yokota Kazunori
-Mitsuoka Eiji
-Satoru Kitaoka

There's been only a little speculation about what Horodecki would do given the seeming collapse of the IFL. But a fight with Gomi would be a great move for the one-time golden boy of the IFL.

Style-wise, Horodecki is custom made for Gomi. Much like his previous opponent, Duane "Bang" Ludwig, Horodecki is strong standing but not as strong as Gomi and won't be able to contend with Gomi's wrestling and ground game (should the fight get there).

Big step up for Horodecki but it could derail any immediate hopes of making it to the UFC if Gomi beats on him the way he beat on Ludwig.

On the other hand, Sengoku seems to treat its fighters pretty well and is supposedly less-yakuza ridden than DREAM. The lightweight tournament is shaping up fairly well also -- clearly WVR/Sengoku is a distant third to UFC and DREAM when it comes to the lightweights, but I'd say they've got the third best lightweight division, putting them ahead of Elite XC and WEC. And if they add three other promising up and comers to their tourny -- more Brazilians maybe and another IFL refugee or two, and we'll have something.