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Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?

Which fighters should be dropped after losing at last night's TUF finale? Fightlinker has spoken:

Dante Rivera: DROP. This guy got owned from start to finish. I was actually shocked that one judge scored the fight 29-28 as opposed to the rest who scored it 30-27 … then I realized it was Cecil Peoples, so it made sense that he got it wrong. Riddle actually did better than Rivera at all the shit that Rivera was supposed to be good at. This guy is just not UFC caliber.

Jeremy Stephens: KEEP. Personally, I think Stephens is too young and raw right now to stick around in the UFC, but I doubt that he’ll get cut. Dana loves the aggressive guys and Stephens worked his ass off. Again, I think he’d be well served with a fight or two in the minors, but expect to see him back in the prelims.

Luigi Fioravanti: DROP. This loss makes him 1-3 over his past four fights, and even his win against Luke Cummo was uninspired. Personally, I think he was booked on the card to make Diego Sanchez look good on television. While he gave his best performance in a long time, it’s just not enough to justify keeping him around. As a side note, dude looked a bit thick in the gut … perhaps a drop to lightweight might help him out?

CB Dollaway: KEEP (ugh). Yeah, there’s no way Dollaway is going away yet. Fortunately it will be easy to ignore him when he’s fighting on the prelims for the rest of his short UFC career.

Evan Tanner: DROP (double ugh). If there’s anyone on the card who needs to take some time beating up scrubs outside the UFC, it’s Evan Tanner. I think he did a pretty damned good job … better than the 30-26 scores would have anyone think. But that doesn’t change the fact that Kendall Grove fucked him up good in the second, and that Tanner still looks rustier than an old shed roof.

He didn't discuss the undercard, so I'll throw in my own thoughts:

Rob Yundt: DROP. The kid is 0-2 in the UFC. I think he deserves a chance to go win some more fights in Alaska and come back strong for one final shot in the Octagon.

Jeremy Horn: DROP (triple ugh). Its sad to see a legend of the sport falling so fast, but let's face it he's looked like shit for four out of his last five fights. I guess we'll never get to see Tanner vs Horn. : (

Matt Arroyo: DROP. Kid's not ready for the UFC. Let him build in the minor leagues.

Marvin Eastman: KEEP. No shame in losing to McFedries. Eastman remains a good test for anyone at 185 lbs. By now Joe Silva has surely run out of other black fighters to throw at Eastman -- Rampage, Terry Martin, McFedries. Maybe the Beastman will do better against a white kid or a Brazilian.

Josh Burkman: DROP. The People's Warrior has lost 3 out of 4 and in unimpressive fashion. Send him to the WEC and see if he can get some wins and maybe earn a shot against Carlos Condit.

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