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The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale: Results and Live Blog


Just a reminder, I'll be here at 9pm eastern with live results of all the televised fights from The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale.

In the interest of enjoying the live TV broadcast to the fullest, I won't be posting undercard results under after the show is over, that way we'll be able to enjoy any taped undercard fights that make it to the live show. If you just can't wait, Sherdog has the undercard results. One interesting note I will reveal from the undercard fights -- the Tim Credeur Vs. Cale Yarbrough fight was apparently canceled for reasons unknown.

The show is starting. Rogan really rolling his eyes at Goldberg as they intro the card. First up, Riddle vs Rivera.

Matt Riddle Vs. Dante Rivera

Riddle's hair looks funny. He seems to be rocking a Staten Island blow out. Rampage and Forrest shown ringside. Riddle is promising to overwhelm Rivera and "break his jaw." Rivera say's "there's no possible way he can beat me." Major league smack talk from the TUF fighters. Herb Dean will be reffing this one. This is Riddle's first pro fight.

Round 1:  Rivera punches and clinches. Some knees and dirty boxing exchanged. Dante gets Riddle's head and is throwing knees. Riddle gets out but they're still clinched. Riddle landing some knees and now controlling the clinch. A whizzer attempt by Rivera. Someone loses a mouthpiece. Dean breaks up the clinch.  Rivera swinging big hooks to get into clinching range. Riddle throws a knee to the nuts. Ugly clinch battle but pretty active. Another whizzer fails. Big knee by Rivera. Leg kick by Rivera and back to the clinch. Riddle gets a body lock takedown, in 1/2 guard, landing elbows. Stands up as the round ends. I'd score it 10-9 Riddle but very very close.

Round 2: They clinch again. Riddle gets takedown to 1/2 guard right away. Riddle kicking the legs of a downed Rivera. They stand back up. Rivera is backed up against the fence, again. Riddle landing more knees. Rivera with some dirty uppercuts and a knee. Forces Riddle against the fence but loses that. They're trading knees. Riddle working for a single leg, nothing. Rivera tries another whizzer that doesn't work. Back to range fighting in the center of the ring. Rivera throwing the big hooks to close, but Riddle gets takedown and is quickly in mount is pounding Rivera and goes for an armbar. Bad idea. Rivera on top in Riddle's guard. Rivera landing elbows from the top. Riddle trying a triangle has it tight as the round is winding down. Another 10-9 round for Riddle. No idea what Rivera can do to pull out a win in the 3rd.

Round 3: Riddle claims the center of the ring, lands a right hand and a knee, forces Rivera against the cage and fails to get a double. More clinch fighting and Riddle slams a double leg, lands in Rivera's guard. Rivera working for a rubber guard. Gets mission control. Riddle breaks it, gets to 1/2 guard. Riddle lands a big elbow and stands back up. Clinching again. Riddle forces Dante against the fence. Rivera rolls to guard, gets rubber guard, lets it go. Ref Dean stands them up. Big hook from Rivera and back to the clinch. Riddle takes him down, gets mount with 30 seconds left. Rivera was working a sweep as the fight ends. Clearly a 30-27 fight for Riddle. Wonder if Rivera will retire. Riddle is promising but should go to a smaller organization to get more seasoning, the UFC 185lb division will eat him alive. Offhand, I can think of four WEC fighters who could beat him. Rivera won't be retiring. I doubt we see much of him in the UFC.

Between fights, Dana comes on and announces the July 19th event. No mention of the real reason behind the scheduling.

Spencer Fisher Vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1:  Here comes a real UFC fight after the TUF appetizer. I'm expecting big things from Stephens in this fight. Fisher is great standing, but his takedown defense should leave him vulnerable to Stephens' powerful groundNpound. Mazzagatti is the ref -- can't tell if that's a shadow or the stache is back. Stephens stumbles off a missed kick. Fisher lands a couple of punches before Stephens gets the clinch and takedown. Fisher back to his feet and Stephens pulls guard. Fisher landing some shots from the top. Fisher stands up and is dropping punches but nothing serious connects.  Stephens tries for an armbar. Stephens elbowing the top of Spencer's head. Jeremy goes for a triangle. Fisher breaks out and passes guard. Fisher lands an elbow as Stephens gets back to 1/2 guard. Fisher throwing elbows. Stephens gets guard back, loses it. Fisher landing elbows, Stephens goes for a guillotine. Spencer gets mount and back with figure 4. Stephens escapes and gets back to guard! More elbows from Spencer. Fisher standing and dropping bombs on Stephens, back down to Stephens' guard, they're trading shots as the round ends. 10-9 for Fisher.

Round 2: Stephens is throwing wildly as the round opens. They clinch in the center of the cage but no one gets a trip. Fisher up against the cage. Stephens lands some big elbows standing. Now they're standing and trading. Fisher is landing. Fisher landing a variety of shots in combination. Stephens throwing but not landing much. Clinched, Stephens backed to the cage. Knee to the face as Fisher gets a mouthpiece timeout. Spinning backfist by Stephens, blocked. Clinched again. Trading elbows standing. Stephens goes for a dragdown and Fisher hip tosses him down. Landing with Fisher in side-control. Stephens gets 1/2 guard. I think I was wrong about this fight. Elbows landing for Fisher. Back to full guard, Fisher gets to 1/2 guard, lands another backwards elbow. Fisher stands up, Stephens ends the round with a slam takedown. But not enough to save the round. Another 10-9 for Fisher.

Round 3: High kick missed by Stephens but he lands a right hand. Misses a superman punch. Stephens lands a nice right hook and a knee to the body. Clinched against the fence. Back to the middle, Fisher lands a body kick and a leg kick. Stephens poked in the eye. Mazzagatti makes them fight. Fisher shoots, Stephens sprawls, gets a guillotine, but loses it as Fisher gets side-control. Fisher mounts. I never expected Fisher to dominate on the ground like this. Fisher gives up mount for side-control and Stephens gets 1/2 guard back. Back to their feet. Right hand from Stephens! Stephens stuffs a take down and ends up on top in Fisher's guard. Landing elbows from Fisher's guard. Stephens' corner is screaming for him to win the fight in the final minute. Stephens needs to finish, he won't win a decision. Stephens goes for a guillotine, Fisher reverses him, Stephens gets the choke again with the clock winding down. Stephens trying in vain to choke out the veteran as time expires. I'd score that one for Stephens but very close. Really good, evenly matched fight from both guys. I'd like to see another round of this one, but we'll have to settle for a decision. Fisher wins by unanimous decision. Good job by the Kingfisher. Clearly he's back in contention.  I'd like to see Stephens against Thiago Tavares to see which one talent can turn it around.

Rogan sits down with Rampage and Forrest to push the July 5th PPV.  These guys respect each other and have no particular heat. I'm still looking forward to their fight in a big way. My wife hates Forrest, she says "He needs to get that gum out of his mouth. He looks like a hick." She's never forgiven him for crying after Jardine KO'd him. Griffin's ear looks like they just drained the cauliflower out of it.

Diego Sanchez Vs. Luigi Fioravanti

Round 1:  I'm expecting an ugly drawn-out clinch fight here but hopefully I'll be wrong about this one too. Ah I am still a little wistful for the days when Diego was undefeated and coming into the cage against Koscheck with the rad mariachi band. I was never a Diego fan until he was fighting the dread Koscheck. We'll see if he can get back on the star track against a guy who knows about fighting and winning ugly. Diego's got the Manson Lamps blazing but Luigi doesn't seem intimidated in the least. Josh Rosenthal is the ref. Luigi is backpedaling. Diego misses a takedown. Crowd chanting Diego's name. Diego charging and missing with a combo of punches. Luigi with a leg kick. Dieo lands a mean combination but Luigi shrugs it off. Fioravanti with some shots as Diego moves in. High kick by Diego lands, but the follow up shoot is stuffed by Fioravanti. They trade combinations before clinching against the cage. Diego misses with a headkick, shoots, gets a leg and Luigi rolls him off! Nice move. Diego lands a nice combo, starting with an uppercut. They wing some hard shots that miss. Diego shoots again and Luigi sprawls. Fioravanti gets a big slam to end the round. I'd be tempted to score it 10-9 for Luigi based on that big slam at the end. Very even round.

Round 2: They trade shots. Fioravanti stumbles weirdly. Diego gets a knockdown off a right hand. Diego in Luigi's 1/2 guard and throwing shots down. Diego working for a kimura from 1/2 guard, lands some big gut punches. Moves to mount but Luigi gets guard and back to his feet. Head kick and hard right hand by Diego and he gets Fioravanti's back, tries to jump up but can't. Luigi goes for a kimura and they break apart. Luigi with a combination as Diego tries to clinch. Hard exchange and Diego drops Luigi with a right. Fioravanti survives and goes for a single, Diego going for a standing kimura. Back to standup range. Luigi with a high kick. Diego inviting Fioravanti to come forward, lands a knee, Luigi fires back with a combo of hooks and uppercuts. 10-9 for Diego based on the knockdown. Good action, looking forward to watching this fight again!

Round 3: Diego switches his stances. Luigi comes in and Diego catches him with a combo. Leg kick by Diego. Luigi pushing forward and they trade short shots on the inside. Diego shooting, pushing Luigi up against the fence, Luigi escapes and Diego still on him but Luigi escapes. Diego bulling forward behind knees and uppercuts. Luigi reverses on the fence, Diego shoots, Luigi sprawls. Sanchez with a right hook. Diego gets his back, Luigi rolls out twice! They trade combos. Big head kick and knee by Sanchez drops Fioravanti. He follows it up with vicious ground and pound! Great fight by Diego. Defeats a very game Luigi Fioravanti with an impressive final assault that should have him back in contention. I'd like to see Diego fight Mike Swick next to see who's actually a contender. I'd like to see Luigi Fioravanti up against Marcus Davis too.

Amir Sadollah Vs. CB Dollaway

Here comes the big TUF 7 finale. As much as I didn't like Jesse Taylor and am glad he got cut for the crap he pulled, if Dollaway wins this, I think it'll be something of a tainted win. Dollaway's frat house preview film has the Mrs. groaning and booing. Amir's fade away mullet has me a bit embarrased to be living in Virginia. Props to Amir for the interesting entrance music. Herb Dean is the ref. They smile in the staredown.

Round 1: Amir takes the Burger King logo. C.B. with a leg kick. Amir with a straight body kick, and another. Leg kick by C.B. and a high kick. C.B. ducks a punch and gets a double leg slam to Amir's guard. C.B. passes guard to side-control, has a crucifix.  Amir gets to his knees. C.B. forces him back to his back, landing shots up against the cage. Amir stacked and eating shots. Amir with arm bar, gets slammed, holds it and wins! C.B. is saying he didn't tap. The replay shows he only tapped once when Dean steps in. C.B. doing some sore losing. Great show by Amir! He's now 1-0 in his MMA career and entering the UFC. Going to be hard to develop under a microscope.

Evan Tanner Vs. Kendall Grove

Grove thinks he'll get the KO. Tanner expects to get the takedown and the win. Grove -- "He's washed up." Classly Kendall, always classy. Grove comes out with a mullet. Tanner comes out to some classic Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower". Looks really scary with the beard, kinda Kimbo White. Intense stare down.  War Tanner! Still not sure if Mazzagatti has the stache going or just has a shadow on his lip. West Texas vs Hawaii -- a classic tough American regions matchup.

Round 1:  Grove pawing with the jab. Tanner forces the clinch. Tanner with a body lock, to take down, to side control, lands some punches but Grove stands up. Grove with elbows in the clinch and some knees, cuts Tanner. Grove falls off a kick but Tanner can't capitalize. Tanner looks slow. Grove is landing on the feet. Tanner goes for a single and Grove gets a huge knee -- a Faber if you will. Tanner fighting for a takedown, lands in Grove's guard. Grove with a triangle attempt, Tanner escapes. Grove lands a hard shot and drops Tanner. Grove gets the back of a bleeding Evan Tanner. Grove on the back with hooks in. Tanner shakes him off.  Grove throwing upkicks. Tanner dives in for a punch, gets stuffed back to guard. Evan landing some punches. Grove standing up as the bell rings. I'd score it 10-9 for Grove. Good action from both fighters.

Round 2: They come out quick. Grove landing a combo, Tanner charging in to the clinch. Grove with a big right and a knee, and an uppercut. This hurts me. Tanner throwing some hooks. Tanner pushing to the cage, tries to drag Kendall down. Fighting for a single or a double, eats another knee. Grove with elbows to the head. Tanner gets a slam takedown. Grove stands back up. Knee by Tanner. Evan misses a switch. Grove rocks him with an elbow, an uppercut and a knee. Grove is punching away but Tanner shows real heart, and forces Grove up against the fence. Tanner with an elbow. Knee and elbow by Grove. Low blow by Tanner. Grove with more elbows and a head kick and lands a mean body kick as the round ends. 10-9 for Grove. Tanner is game as all hell but just has no weapons and seems really slow.

Round 3: Tanner opens with a left hook and pushes Grove to the cage. Kendall with a body kick. Up against the cage, trading shots in the clinch. Elbows landing for Grove. Leg kicks by Tanner. Grove answers . Tanner landing some punches. Gets double underhooks but can't get the takedown. Tanner with a big right. Tanner swinging for the fences as it ends. Kendall slips. Kendall ends it with a knee. Tanner is bloody and probably done for his career.  A clear win for Grove but Tanner went out game. Grove takes a split decision.

Marvin Eastman Vs. Drew McFedries

From the undercard. I was hoping to see Burkman-Hazelett but this will do.

Round 1: Marvin comes out with a big slam off a flying knee by McFedries. They're trading heavy leather. Drew is landing hard shots but Eastman stays in the pocket and trades. He is dropped by a brutal series of shots by Drew. And Mazzagatti steps in and stops it. Nice to see McFedries getting a win after his illness and family tragedies. Conversly, hate to see the always game Eastman lose.

Undercard results in the full entry.

From Sherdog:

1 Rob Kimmons Rob Yundt Submission (Guillotine choke) 1 3:58
2 Dean Lister Jeremy Horn Submission (Guillotine choke) 1 3:52
3 Matt Brown Matt Arroyo TKO (strikes) 2 3:40
4 Andrew McFedries Marvin Eastman TKO (Punches) 1 1:08
5 Dustin Hazelett Josh Burkman Submission (Armbar) 2 4:46