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Welcome to MMA, Here's the History of the Sport

In the aftermath of the biggest weekend in MMA history, our traffic here at Bloody Elbow has roughly doubled.

Many of you folks are just learning about the sport for the first time.

In the interest of catching you up, here's a 15 part series I've been working on for the past two years that covers most of the first decade of modern mma, 1993-1997. I swear I'll be posting more soon, but these links are a good place to start learning more now -- tons of videos of legendary fights in every link.


I: UFC 1 Pancrase meets BJJ
II: The Ur-Brazilian MMA Feud: BJJ vs Luta Livre and the Style They Never Saw Coming
III: More on Japan
IV: Rickson Brings Jiu Jitsu Back to Japan
V: The Reign of Royce
VI: A Dutch Detour
VII: A New Phase in the UFC
VIII: From Russia With Leglocks
IX: Strikers Attack
X: The Reign of the Wrestlers
XI: Carlson Gracie's Mighty Camp
XII: End of the UFC Glory Days
XIII: Coleman Gets His Kicks
XIV: Boom and Bust in Brazil
XV: Pancrase, RINGS, and Shooto 1996