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WEC: Pulver vs. Faber Wrap-Up

I went to a WEC event tonight, but it really felt like a UFC.  It was a packed major arena with superstar reactions, big fights, and two great fights.  

The undercard was nothing special.  The Mckenzie/Lang fight was easily the best of the undercard, with Mckenzie showing a lot of heart, but a lot of the undercard fights were middle of the road in terms of quality.  Seven undercard fights is a lot too.

I don't know what was up in the first televised fight, but McCullough looked tentative and awful.  I don't know what was going on there, but that man bored the hell out of the live crowd.

Miguel Torres and Yoshiro Maeda tore the house down in Sacramento.  The second round was one of the best rounds of MMA I've ever seen, and it was actually pretty hard being in the press section and not being able to stand up and cheer for the skill being displayed.  Maeda was very game, and man Torres is so dangerous on the ground, this fight was a joy to watch.

The main event was an excellent fight too.  It peaked early, and the last round was slightly disappointing, but I agree with Nate's comments below that this was like watching a classic boxing match.  Pulver showed incredible poise surviving the onslaught in round 2, and I thought Faber was going to gas himself out, but his conditioning really came through.  

Urijah Faber got an incredible reaction live, the loudest I've heard at an MMA event for anyone besides Chuck Liddell (who was in attendance, by the way, I don't know if they showed him on TV).  

A very good show overall, and I really wish the CBS show had fights like the last 2 tonight.  Realistically, this show probably got a .8-1.0 rating, which is very good for Versus, and I think Urijah Faber has definitely cemented himself as a star, and as quite the standup fighter, too.

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