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More Information on That Money WAMMA Heavyweight Belt

Steve Sievert does some digging and observes what sort of hurdles are in the way for WAMMA to sanction meaningful matches up. Notable quote:

Emelianenko is currently WAMMA's top-ranked heavyweight, while Sylvia checks in at No. 4. They meet at the Affliction "Banned" show July 19 at Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. The winner earns WAMMA's first title belt.

While the notion of an "undisputed champion" would ordinarily pit the top two ranked fighters against one another, No. 1 versus No. 4 is as close as WAMMA can get. Both Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (ranked No. 2) and Randy Couture (No. 3) are under contract to the UFC.

The battle between former PRIDE titleholder Emelianenko and Sylvia, former two-time UFC champ, is the first of what WAMMA hopes will be a series of title fights, but stringing together meaningful match-ups to create undisputed champions will be a challenge.

Of the six weight classes ranked by WAMMA, heavyweight is the only division not currently topped by a fighter under contract to Zuffa. The UFC and WEC have traditionally not worked with other promotions to make fights and appear to have little interest in working with WAMMA.

And the heavyweight division hasn't been the marquee division for the UFC for years if ever. So while Affliction and other organizations might be able to peel away disgruntled heavyweights, finding a way to do that with lightweights or welterweights is an incredible daunting if not impossible task. Good luck.

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