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Buying Into The Affliction Hype: Part 2

I was only going to post on this topic once today, but Kevin Iole has an article on Affliction for Yahoo today:

Atencio is well aware of that PRIDE show’s strengths and shortcomings, but he’s convinced Affliction is set to make an impact upon the industry.

...Trump aside, Atencio is a low-key guy, but he’s not above saying he expects Affliction to be in the fight game for a long time to come.

“I’m not going to put numbers on it, but I expect the show to be a success,” he said. “With the guys we have on it, how can it not be?”

I keep hoping to hear someone at Affliction give a legitimate reason to believe the show will be a success.  It appears the plan right now is to just hope people buy it. 

The rumors of a UFC live show competing with Affliction may be false, which gives them a little breathing room at least.

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