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Elite XC: Return of the King Yves Edwards vs. KJ Noons Live Results

As always we here at will be providing you with live results and thoughts as the show goes down.  I'll be here live starting with the Showtime feed.

So stay with us as KJ Noons defends his Elite XC Lightweight Championship against Yves Edwards.

The Showtime broadcast is starting.  First fight will be up shortly.

Typical pre-event talking up of the nights fights and I miss Gus Johnson already.

Wayne Cole vs. Rafael Feijao - Is up first.  And they show a lot of Anderson Silva in Feijao's video package.  And Silva is also there in the corner.  Gotta wonder how much Dana White likes that.  Round 1 - Cole is coming forward with some nice punches but Feijao gets the takedown.  Cole does a great job of scrambling and standing back up.  Feijao throws some nice knees to the thighs as they're along the fence but it's always risky and Cole eats one to the groin.  After a break to let Cole recover Rafael starts unloading with kicks and knees before they end up right back against the fence again. They separate and Feijao is blasting him with huge shots.  Single leg attempt is met with a "pogo knee" ala Yves Edwards.  More huge knees and punches and Cole is rocked.  He tries to motion that he is eating shots to the back of the head.  But the ref steps in to stop things.  Rafael Feijao wins by TKO (ref stoppage - punches) Round 1.

They announce Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith II on July 26 on CBS.

Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman - I know the stupid water puns are coming from Quadros and Mauro I'm just trying to brace myself.  Round 1 - Waterman gets a takedown about 15 seconds into the round.  Which is good considering Herman's stand-up isn't too bad and Waterman throws some UGLY strikes standing.  His jab in particular is an ugly, pushy thing.  Can opener attempts by Waterman in between big shots from the top.  Herman does manage to stand up and Waterman looks gassed..  Jump roundhouse kick hits Waterman but looked a little ugly.  Waterman is hurt by some elbows to the side (and back) of the head as he was going for a takedown, he collapses and Herman mounts him and lands some big shots forcing the ref to step in.  Dave Herman wins by TKO (ref stoppage - punches from the mount) Round 1.  Bill Goldberg is the worst interviewer in the history  He kills what little crowd heat there was and by the end of the post-fight interview there was complete silence.

Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello - Bonello yells at Rua during the staredown and the crowd is going nuts. Round 1 - Bonello throws a high kick and some nice looking punches before pulling guard.  Bonello is working a really high guard.   Rua passes to side control pretty easily though.  A lot of nice elbows from side control and Tony doesn't look like he is capable of getting out of the position.  Ninja is messing him up at this point.  For a BJJ guy Bonello looks lost in side control.  Crucifix is acquired but Rua gives it up for mount, then decides better of it and goes back to side control.  Knee on belly and Rua is unloading with huge punches and it looked like Bonello went out for a second.  The fight is stopped as Bonello was taking some huge shots.  Marilo Rua wins by TKO (ref stoppage - punches) Round 1.

Nick Diaz vs. Muhsin Corbbrey - My wife just pointed out something kind of major.  No dancing girls so far tonight (or at least none that I've seen).  Maybe it finally got through how awful that looked on camera.  Round 1 - Corbbrey is trying to use angles to throw off Diaz and looks good doing so through the first minute.  His head movement is also really slick.  Sweet elbow from the clinch for Nick.  Both guys are doing good clinch work whenever they lock up.  Diaz really could use some work on his punches.  He is a big "pusher" when throwing straight punches.  Corbbrey is using really slick combinations now.  It's been a clos round with one minute left.  Diaz lands a nice combo of his own with 45 seconds left.  The round ends and I'd give it to Nick but could easily see it going the other way.  Round 2 - Corbbrey with a nice combo early and Diaz shoots for a double leg.  Nick switches from looking sluggish to throwing nice combos on a dime this fight.  It's a hard fight to live blog as it is a lot of the same over and over.  Each guy has moments here and there.  Now Diaz is taunting and landing a lot of shots but he throws them with such bad technique that he loses a lot of power (lanky fighters should have naturally much better power).  He looked good there landing a lot of shots but now Muhsin is the one landing the harder shots.  Diaz is bleeding now.  Nick gets a takedown at the end of the round but can't do anything before the horn.  I've got Diaz up 20-18 on my card but could easily see 19-19 depending on how you saw the first round.  Round 3 - Takedown attempt is defended by Corbbrey.  The announcers are calling the fight as a lot more one sided that I see it.  I've got Diaz winning but I'd hardly call it a landslide.  Takedown for Diaz and he is in the half guard.  Pass to side control.  Kimura attempt for Diaz.  Scramble and Diaz is back inside Muhsin's guard.  Full mount for Diaz.  Corbbrey was covering up and didn't eat a clean shot once Diaz had mount but the fight was stopped.  Nick Diaz wins by TKO (ref stoppage - punches) Round 3.

Yves Edwards vs. KJ Noons (c) for the Elite XC Lightweight Championship - Round 1 - Body kick right away by Noons.  Noons was hit hard but lands a big shot that puts Edwards on his butt.  KJ pounces and is landing punches and elbows in rapid succession.  Edwards looked like he was defending himself but Noons was unloading with a lot of shots and the fight is stopped.  KJ Noons wins by TKO (ref stoppage - punches) Round 1.  Boy...that is just not the way I saw that fight going.  After the fight Nick Diaz (classless as always) and his classless entourage get in the cage.  Diaz does a little bland promotional garbage talk but you could hear his "boys" talking crap to Noon's father.  There was even a punch thrown at Karl Noons (KJ's dad).  The scrap afterward looked legit to me.  But we'll hear all the chatter about it being a work to get more people to tune in for the rematch.

I'm not going to liveblog the undercard (broadcast free on as only one of my computers is working right now and it is going to be hooked up to the TV so I can watch the webcast on the big screen.  Feel free to discuss the fights in the comments section.

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