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CBS Orders Elite XC Show In July

Dave Meltzer reports that CBS has ordered two more Elite XC shows.  One will be in July, the other in October:

The dates are not etched in stone because Elite XC now has to secure a venue and put together a card, likely for July 26, without a lot of lead time. From a star-power standpoint the July card is going to be a real test of MMA on the network, because neither Kimbo Slice nor Gina Carano, the two biggest ratings draws on the May 31 show, will be on the card. Both are expected to return as headliners in October.

Elite XC is looking to build the show around crowning of champions in both the heavyweight and welterweight divisions. Antonio "Junior" Silva is currently slotted as one of the participants in the heavyweight title match. Among the names being talked about as possible opponents are Brett Rogers, IFL champion Roy "Big Country" Nelson and the winner of Saturday's Ron Waterman vs. Dave "Pee Wee" Herman match.

This will be a huge test of MMA, it has never drawn well without "stars" and this rating could fall significantly unless a lot of people were converted to it by the last show, which I doubt.  They really need a main event that can draw.  There are some possible options out there, but time is running out quickly.

Note:  I did not link the story because Dave Meltzer has merged his website and newsletter with Bryan Alvarez at, and the story is for paying members only.  It's a pro wrestling/MMA combination site, but it is going to become pretty much the exclusive place to get Dave's news updates and hear him talk about MMA. 

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