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Chuck Liddell, Cornerman

Here's the back story behind Chuck Liddell being in Matt Wiman's corner:

"I only had one [cornerman] flown out there for me," Wiman explained. "So I asked [Liddell] backstage, 'Hey, if you want to walk out with us, that would be cool.' And he was like, 'Dude, I'd love to.' I said 'And hey, if you want to stay in my corner, that would be cool as well, but I know you're a busy guy. You got things going on.' And he said 'I'd love to.' For that, I couldn't think more of Chuck as a person.

"It shows what kind of character he has. He's one of the highest-paid, most famous, biggest rock star in fighting history, in my opinion, and he's that quick to be in a servant position. That speaks a load on his character. He was genuinely helpful. He wasn't doing it for a PR stunt. He wasn't doing it to look like he's being helpful. He was doing it because he genuinely wanted to help someone."