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Jackson's Trainer Predicts Forrest Griffin Will Run from Rampage

Ok, so the headline's a little misleading, but check this quote from a MMA Mania interview with Juanito Ibarra:

You gotta remember that to have a fight, two guys gotta fight. Look at the Tito Ortiz and Machida fight. It was a matador and bull kind of fight. This fight might be a matador and bull kind of fight. You gotta know how to cut off the ring to get to the matador; and the matador has to be able to stab the bull to get the bull down, right?

I can probably bet 99.9 percent that this is going to be a strategic fight, especially in Forrest’s mind. I don’t think he wants to trade with Rampage. He may, he gets a little crazy, he likes to trade when he’s in the heat of it. He may do that, but we’re prepared either way.

To my keenly observant eye, it sounds like Juanito is worried that Forrest will try to point fight Quinton on the feet. That strategy worked very well for Griffin for most of the first round against Keith Jardine until he got baited into trading punches. We all know how that ended.

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