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Yves Edwards Talks K.J. Noons, ATT

MMA on Tap writes up  Yves Edwards' current come back and the reason behind it -- moving to a top notch camp:

“For a while in Houston, I had that. We had guys go in all the time working out. We had good, high‑level guys working out all the time,” Edwards said during a recent conference call with the media. “But guys started moving away. Guys moved back to Brazil and Louisiana. Guys fell off, and I was kind of left alone. That’s when I started losing.”

Edwards joined forces with Florida-based American Top Team last fall, widely regarded as one of the top camps in the sport.

With a roster of training partners that stretches from two-time K-1 Hero’s tournament champion Gesias Cavalcante to current UFC welterweight title contender Thiago Alves, Edwards no longer has to worry about mustering up a group of fighters just to get a workout in. Every training session brings forth a world-class workout.

“The biggest thing is having world class guys all the time every single day,” said Edwards. “The thing for me with American Top Team, I don’t have to make phone calls and worry about who is going to show up and try to round up a crew to get together for the day. That’s been the big difference for me, besides the fact that everybody in there brings something to the table.”

“We have a lot of really good coaches that have helped sharpen my game up quite a bit,” Edwards continued. “It just exposes you to what you’re weak at. So where your game is not strong, you can work on getting it stronger at that point.”

He also talks about Elite XC lightweight champ K.J. Noons, a former training partner and the man whose title he'll be trying to take this Saturday on Showtime:

“How important is it to get the fight on the ground? I honestly don’t know yet,” Edwards said. “My stand‑up is good. There may come a time I decide the stand‑up is not where I want to play the game, but that might not happen. This is an MMA fight. I know what KJ’s weakness is… I don’t necessarily know what his weakness is, but I think my ground fighting is better.  But that’s not the only place I’m going to fight him. It’s going to be an all‑around thing.”

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