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Tyson Griffin Wants No Part of Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz has been on a hot streak with wins over Kurt Pellegrino, Alvin Robinson and Junior Assuncao since becoming the 5th Ultimate Fighter. And Nate has been pretty consistent about calling for tough competition. He's been especially adamant about wanting former training partner Tyson Griffin. And, being a Diaz, he's been pretty pithy with the remarks :


"That guy (Tyson Griffin) doesn’t want to fight me because he thinks he’s somewhere higher up than me? I just beat a guy that’s better than him. When was the last time he finished a fight anyways against any 155 pounder that was half decent on the ground..oh yeah never."

Now Griffin is getting ready for his next fight against Marcus Aurelio and says he wants no part of Diaz:

Griffin, who made the move from northern California to train at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, has also seen his share of controversy lately, most notably from the Diaz brothers, who felt his departure was "disloyal" to the Cesar Gracie fight team.

"I did leave a team, but it wasn't that team that I was with for a long time," Griffin said. "I was affiliated with them, yes, but I wasn't training with them everyday like I was with NorCal Fighting Alliance."

The lightweight standout also speculated that the controversy created by the Diaz brothers was probably more hype that hurt feelings.

"I don't have any animosity toward them," Griffin said. "That's all them, and they're probably just trying to promote and get a fight going."

Griffin also explained that he was more interested in moving closer to the UFC lightweight title than settling grudges. That's why he's largely ignored talk of a possible grudge match with Nate Diaz.

"I don't really see a reason to fight him," Griffin said. "Just talking crap is not a reason for me to fight somebody. [Maybe] if his career grows ... but If he isn't (ranked) above me, I don't see a reason to fight him. I want to keep moving myself up in the rankings and keep improving my stock as a fighter."

Honestly, I have to lean toward's Nate's view of things. With his loss to Frank Edgar, his lack of exciting finishes and his controversial decision win over Clay Guida (who was beating his ass as the final round ended), I don't think Griffin should be on a fast-track to a title shot. Diaz, IMO, is only one or two wins behind Griffin in the ranks and I think should get his wish.

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