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IFL Deathwatch: August Event Cancelled

Press release from the IFL:


Organization Working On Financial Situation

NEW YORK, June 10, 2008: The International Fight League today announced that it has canceled its scheduled August 15 event at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in light of the company's current financial condition.  IFL continues to explore options for maximizing shareholder value.  However, if the IFL is unable to successfully leverage any of those options, the company may seek protection from its creditors through a court proceeding.

The IFL is working with other top MMA organizations to keep its top fighters active in the sport and showcase their talent, while it pursues options that may enable it to continue its MMA operations.  Several IFL athletes will compete on the Adrenaline MMA card in Chicago on June 14, and announcements with other promoters working with IFL athletes are expected in the near future.  The IFL will also continue to downsize its staff to reduce costs.

Essentially they're becoming vapor ware, their only assets are a bunch of fighters under contract that they can rent out to other promotions. Already many of their best fighters have jumped ship so its just a matter of winding down the clock on a really bad idea that was poorly executed. Lots and lots of money was wasted in the process, too.

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