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James Thompson Talks Referee Dan Miragliotta, Kimbo Slice and Removing Gypsies

Local Washington, D.C. CBS radio midday talkers "Big O & Dukes" did an interview with James "Colossus" Thompson, and followed up on the issues stemming from his very controversial fight with Kimbo Slice two weeks ago on the CBS Saturday Night Fights "EliteXC: Primetime" event.

In the interview, Thompson displays clear respect for Kimbo and even remarks about how powerful he is (something I've noted before - Kimbo's escapes from the bottom weren't technical at all; he just muscled his way out, which partly explains his fatigue). He also stops just short of calling the fight fixed, but does, in fact, say Dan Miragliotta was under intense pressure to view matters favorably for Kimbo (as someone who was cage side, I can personally attest to Jared Shaw screaming to stand the fighters up towards the end of the second round). Lastly, Thompson also shares some stories about removing gypsies from personal property a la the movie "Snatch". Definitely listen to the whole thing .

HT: Two drunkards who whine :)