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'Big' John McCarthy Pushing for Knees to the Head of a Downed Opponent

Sherdog has the scoop:

"It's a good technique," said McCarthy, who refereed 535 matches during his 15-year career. "It's a very effective tool, and it opens fights up."

The most recognized referee in the game has met privately with ABC representatives in the last few months to discuss amendments to the sport's Unified Rules of Combat. The ABC will unveil their efforts at its annual gathering, where its membership of nearly 80 state and tribal athletic commissions throughout North America will review them.

I can't wait for the day where knees to the head of a downed opponent are part of the Unified Rules. The danger they allegedly pose is greatly exaggerated and in my mind, will force many of the wrestling-based fighters to keep moving after stuffed takedowns. In fact, this in many ways levels the wrestling playing field. A stopped shot with no recourse but to separate still allows the more dominant wrestler to reset or see through to another takedown. Matt Hughes is usually quite adept at starting with leg attacks and then transitioning into hip or upper body attacks. But a stuffed shot with knees to the head allowed will not allow the wrestler to stall. It will force a more dynamic form of fighting without a significant increase in danger to the fighters.

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