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Ticket Sales Slow For Adrenaline MMA and Godz of War

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According to USA Today:

"All the shows that I've been running and other people have been running have suffered," Monte Cox said. "The only people that seem immune to that are the UFC. But for the rest of us who do shows on a regular basis we're feeling the pinch, as far as the entertainment dollar."

Cox blamed the current economic slowdown for hurting smaller promotions, though Mike Regan, Global Fighting's chief financial officer remained hopeful that fans in the Charlotte area would buy tickets as the event date nears.

"I just think that right it's the type of thing where they'll wait until the last minute to do it," Regan said.

.... On the other hand, Elite XC's strong ratings on CBS, along with UFC's ongoing strength in pay-per-view at $45 a show, hint at a rosy outlook for TV. HDNet has agreed to broadcast the Adrenaline show. Godz of War will be on Dish Network's pay-per-view for about $20, Regan said.

Cox's Illinois-based Adrenaline MMA promotion inaugural show is scheduled for Saturday and Global Fighting's Godz of War event, for June 21, in Charlotte, N.C.