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WEC: Faber vs Pulver Live Undercard Results

Bloody Elbow correspondent Michael Rome is at the event in Sacramento ready to report. Keep updating for results.

We'll have live undercard results before the telecast airs. Beware of spoilers.

Note:  Bottom deck is mostly filled out, upper deck partly filled out.  The event did not sell out, but I've heard they sold over 10,000 tickets, which is quite impressive.

Dominick Cruz v. Charlie Valencia:  Valencia is definitely the crowd favorite.

Round 1:    Both guys miss early, Valencia swinging for the fences.  Cruz is pushing the action early, but no big shots yet.  Cruz is throwing a lot but very little is getting through.  Cruz rocks him and goes in for the kill with a barrage of punches and knees, but Valencias survives.  Very impressive.  Valencia is now starting to connect at the end of the round, and it ends as the two exchange.  Valencia limped to his corner, he may be hurt.  Bloody Elbow gives the round to Dominick Cruz, 10-9.

Round 2:  Valencia lands a nice shot early, but Cruz survives, and stuffs a takedown attempt.  Cruz with a nice right, but Valencia responds with a left hook.  Valencias doing a good job minimizing damage even though Cruz is the one doing all the throwing.  Cruz throwing nice combos, but not enough power to finish.  They clinch to end the round as Cruz goes for a takedown, and the bell sounds.  Bloody Elbow gives the round to Dominick Cruz, 10-9.

Round 3:  Valencia comes out aggressive, but Cruz is the one landing.  Cruz smartly moving to body shots because Valencia is always covering up the head.  Cruz flurries, but Valencias survives.  Valencia lands a nice right over the top, but can't follow up.  Valencia needs a knockout to win this, Cruz is pushing all the action.  Cruz lands a bunch of combinations in the final minute, and takes the final round too.  Very good fight.  Bloody Elbow gives the round to Dominick Cruz, 10-9.

Bloody Elbow score:  30-27 Dominick Cruz

Official Result:  Dominick Cruz wins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Alexandre Nogueira vs. Jose Aldo:  

Round 1:  Nogueira moving away from Aldo early, and has a takedown stuffed.  Aldo is pushing the action while Nogueira is mostly going around the cage in circles.  Crowd is booing the hell out of this fight, and rightly so so far.  Aldo has very crisp strikes, and he throws a nice combo.  Nogueira grabs a single leg, but cant get a takedown out of it.  Crowd hated that.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Aldo.

Round 2:  Second round is more of the same.  Nogueira has nothing standing, and his wrestling isn't good enough to get Aldo down, so we're getting a stallfest.  Nogueira grabs a single leg against the fence, but the takedown is stuffed.  Nogueira tries to pull guard and sweep, but it fails, and Aldo is laying in a ton of damage with elbows and fists.  The ref steps in, and it is stopped.  Jose Aldo wins via TKO (stoppage due to strikes) at 3:22 of round 2.

Luis Sapo v. Alex Serdyukov:

Round 1:  Sapo hits a nice left high kick early, as well as a series of leg kicks.  Alex's standup is clearly not as good as Sapo's.  Sapo has a wrap on his right foot and Alex has kicked at it a couple times now.    Big knee to the body from Sapo  echoes, and Alex gets really lucky as Sapo falls while backing up.  Alex is now on top, and passes to sidemount, but Sapo is able to defend.  Alex nails some shots from the top as the round ends, and Sapo is saved by the bell, he was really getting pounded..  Sapo won most of the round, but he was dragged back to his corner....the fight is stopped between rounds.  Alex Serdukov wins via TKO after inbetween the first and second round.

Jeremy Lang v. Tim Mckenzie:  Jeremy Lang's nickname is "the landlord," making him an automatic heel.   Tim Mckenzie is a local and very popular.

Round 1:  Mckenzie stops a takedown early, but Lang gets a big slam and works to pass half guard.  He gets mount shortly but McKenzie scrambles out and back to half guard.  Mckenzie goes for a kimura sweep from the bottom, but can't hold it.  Crowd is booing for some reason.  Lang unloads lefts on the ground, but McKenzie stands up into a guillotine by Lang.  Lang uses the position to bring McKenzie back down.  McKenzie gets poked in the eye on the ground, and he's in pain, but the ref missed it.  McKenzie lands some elbows from his back, and cuts Lang open.  The round ends with Lang on top.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Jeremy Lang.  

Round 2:  Lang gets a big slam to start the round again.  Lang makes a great move to his back and looks to have a choke, but McKenzie escapes and stands up, only to be taken down again.  Lang moves to the back again to go for another choke, but Mckenzie reverses and end up on top!  The crown is going INSANE as Mckenzie unloads.  We are standing again now, and Lang slams him yet again.  Lang is gassing badly, and gets hit with an upkick as the round ends.  This one was close, but Bloody Elbow scores this round 10-9 for Jeremy Lang too.

Round 3:  The round starts off looking just like the other two, but then Lang gives Mckenzie a knee in the balls.  We restart, and the crowd has gone absolutely crazy, because Tim Mckenzie caught Lang with a big knee and choked him out with a guillotine!  Tremendous fight and a tremendous finish.  Tim Mckenzie wins by referee stoppage at 40 seconds of the third round.

Will Ribeiro v. Chase Beebe:

Round 1:    Beebe gets a nice uppercut early that staggered Ribeiro, but could not follow up.  Beebe has multiple takedowns stuffed, and Ribeiro hits a beautiful spinkick followed by a jumping frontkick.  He gets the mount, but Beebe escapes and hits a nice right.  Ribeiro hits a nice spinkick to the body, Beebe tries to get his own, but misses.  Beebe tries to slam Ribeiro, but Ribeiro gets a guillotine on the way down!  Beebe takes his time and escapes, but man it looked tight from here.  They stand again, and Ribeiro nails Beebe with a spinning backfist!  Beebe immediately comes back with a takedown, which Ribeiro again counters into a guillotine on the way down.  It's extremely tight, but the round ends.  What an incredible round.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Ribeiro.

Round 2:  Beebe gets a takedown, and again Ribeiro tries for a guillotine, but he does not have it and Beebe escapes.  Ribeiro fights his way to his feet out of a bad position...Ribeiro is really good.  Retarded people in the crowd are booing a great fight.  Ribeiro sweeps, and dives into Beebe's guard a la Shogun with a punch.  They're standing again, and now Ribeiro gets a takedown, and then Beebe sweeps!  The round ends with Beebe on top.  Very close round, because Ribeiro did the only damage, but Beebe did have control most of the time.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Beebe.

Round 3:  Ribeiro hits another spin kick to start the round, and stuffs a takedown.  High spin kick misses for Ribeiro.  The exchanges have slowed, but Ribeiro is still winning them and stopping takedowns.  Beebe gets a takedown, and Ribeiro goes for another failed guillotine.  Wasting a lot of energy on those.  This is going to be a close decision, it all depends on these last 40 seconds.  Beebe needs to do damage.  Beebe lands some punches and elbows at the end.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Ribeiro.

Bloody Elbow Score:  29-28 for Will Ribeiro

Official Score:  29-28 for Will Ribeiro (via split decision)

Mike Brown v. Jeff Curran:

Round 1:  They clinch early, and Curran gets a couple knees.  They exchange at the fence and it looks like a stalemate.  Brown is wild with his punches but a few are getting through.  Brown gets a big slam, and ends up in Curran's guard.  Brown not doing much from the top, Curran keeps going for a triangle but Brown is defending well.  Brown passes to sidemount, but there is not much time left.  He hits a few knees and the round ends.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Mike Brown.

Round 2:  They exchange to start, Brown gets the better of it, and takes Curran down.  This is not the kind of fight this crowd wants to see.  The ref stands it up, and now Curran is being more aggressive.  Brown on top again, where he is not doing much, but he is still winning the round.  This fight does not look good for Curran.  Brown passes to sidemount, and gets crucifix position! Curran is fighting it, and manages to sweep out, but the round ends before he can do anything with the position.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 Mike Brown.

Round 3:  Curran wins the exchanges early, and after a prolonged struggle Brown takes him down.  Curran needs to pull something off from his back, time is running out on him.  Curran sweeps, and he has a minute to pull this off.  He's unable to, and the round ends.  Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Mike Brown.

Bloody Elbow Score:  30-27 for Mike Brown

Official Score:  30-27 for Mike Brown

Danny Castillo v. Donald Cerrone:

Round 1:  Castillo takes Cerrone down early, and does some damage, but Cerrone catches him in an armbar at 0:30 of round 1.

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