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EliteXC Ratings Data

Dave Meltzer reports at Wrestling Observer:

The half-hours in the 18-49 demo were 1.4, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.4. The first hour was nothing impressive but the second hour was the highest rated in the demo on television for any show. The level of growth was spectacular. This is only from 9-11 p.m. so we don't know how the last 50 minutes did but at least in the demo it handily beat the NHL playoffs.

So of course the two bad finishes were seen by a fairly large number of people.  I don't know how encouraging the numbers are as the true impact of the event would be felt by a second airing on CBS.  Were the large volume of viewers turned off by what they saw?  Or did they find it compelling enough to tune in again?

I had several people who have never watched MMA tune in to see what "my sport" is all about.  After talking to a couple of them about what they thought they have all commented that the dancers and the finishes make them "iffy" about ever watching again.  Also they commented that the commentary came across very badly and that only Gus Johnson seemed "television ready."

Some other notes from the WO site:

--The original plan for a second CBS show on 7/26 appears to be off. There was a realization they simply don't have the star power to come back that fast. It really is a major key for this group's success, provided ratings come in at least decently for this first show, to sign Tito Ortiz, particularly after Kimbo Slice's value fell so greatly

--There was a backstage deal last night in the press room where Brett Rogers made some comments about Kimbo Slice's performance, claiming Kimbo tapped out and it led to some yelling and challenges. I guess if that's the next main event, you'll know that it was a pro wrestling angle. If it's not, then who knows, but it sure looked liked a worked K-1 style angle to me.

If anyone knows what looks like a pro-wrestling angle it would be Dave.

As for the decision to cancel the 7/26 show.  That makes as much sense as anything.  But seriously, how do you not realize until now that the star-power isn't there?

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