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I'm Sorry...

I've been a firm Kimbo supporter on this site.  I've defended him and Elite XC as much as possible against the thought process that somehow this would be "bad for the sport."

And I am sorry for that.

I don't blame Kimbo for what happened.  But Elite XC showed exactly the kind of organization that it is.  The "chosen" fighter was obvious in almost every fight but nowhere was that more obvious than the main event.

Dan Miragliotta is either crooked or incompetent and if he is crooked then it would appear he isn't the only one.  As posted earlier one of judges actually scored the second round for Kimbo Slice 10-9.  This despite the fact that he was dominated for all but a few moments of the round and was on the verge of being stopped for over a minute.

Miragliotta managed to tell Thompson that he needed to do more and "work" while he was securing a crucifix, he stood the fighters up mere seconds after Thompson secured side control earlier in the fight, and he stopped the fight either because he totally misread the situation or because a bleeding ear is now of great danger to fighters.

Elite XC on CBS was not good for the sport.  If we're lucky this will soon be forgotten, if we're not lucky then the most important fight in the history of MMA from an exposure standpoint looks to even the untrained eye to be fixed.

EXC is not a mature promotion and they were completely ill equipped to handle the stage they were given.  The result is a show that failed the sport.

And I'm sorry that I failed to see that prior to now.