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Michael Bisping vs. Jason Day has announced that Jason Day will be stepping in to replace Chris Leben against Michael Bisping.

"I love this fight," said Day. "Everybody's been asking me who would I like to fight next, and I said Bisping, but who would have thought it would have come about so quickly. He's a great fighter, an exciting fighter, tough as nails, and everybody wants that marquee fight where you get the guy that tests you and you slug it out for two or three rounds. I think he's a pretty good test for me."

This is a pretty huge opportunity for Day to make a name for himself.  I think there is a significant chance of an upset here, and this should be quite an interesting fight.

This show may completely bomb on PPV, though.  This will really tell us what Matt Hughes alone can draw on PPV, and it may be the bottom number since 2005.

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