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The UFC Gives The Finger to Personality Rights

Tito Ortiz lays out the case:

"I think the superstars should be built as a company's being built, and they don't want to do that," Ortiz said. "They're really keeping the big piece of the pie, and they're just feeding all the champions and all the superstars crumbs of it."

Ortiz rips the fact that the UFC receives 100 percent of the revenue from DVD sales and merchandising, and he claims White has cut down on his earning potential by turning away potential sponsors.

I can't speak to the sponsors issue and part of this is just Tito Ortiz bellyaching, but it seems to me if the UFC is using the likeness for any of the fighters for any piece of merchandise, they deserve a cut. And one would think that if you're a main event or featured attraction fighter on any UFC card to the extent your likeness is featured in the name of the event, e.g. Couture vs. Liddell III, or on the cover itself you'd get a share of the revenue. But not so and from what I've been told by insiders, that's borderline unethical and out of whack with common business practice today.

More on personality rights here.

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