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John Leguizamo Plays Match Maker

And does a terrible, terrible job at it:

Forget the superdelegates, says actor John Leguizamo. There's a quicker and less painful solution to choosing the Democratic nominee: Mixed Martial Arts. "They should do a MMA!" he advised at a screening for the film Paraiso Travel. "That would be hot! Hillary vs. Obama. In the ring. Caged. Three rounds. Lets see who wins!"

While Leguizamo is on Team Obama, he touts Senator Clinton for her scrappiness. "She is sneaky so she will probably try to trick him and do some underhanded stuff. He's strong, but he's skinny."

I get Douche Chills just reading this. I would tell John to stick to comedy, but if the above joke is any indication I don't know that he'd be any better telling jokes than he would match making.

One can hardly imagine the proposition the two Democratic candidates play poker or race as an alternative means of settling their contest. Yet, MMA gets tabbed. I suppose a fight still has a clear adjudicating quality to it that other sports or activities can't quite match.

Still, I'd really prefer it Leguizamo shut the hell up.

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