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Meltzer Clarifies GSP/Serra PPV Buys

On the Wrestling Observer website Dave Meltzer clarified some information which had been misreported on other websites:

--Speaking of PPV, there are MMA sites listing the Observer newsletter claiming the St. Pierre vs. Serra show did 650,000 buys. Actually, what last week's issue said is that we don't have a North American estimate yet. Based on trends, it looks to have done well in the U.S., although not at that level, and we did get Canadian numbers and it did tremendous there, but 650,000 for North America is closer to what [Wrestle]Mania did.

I personally figured that the buys would be closer to 500,000 - 550,000.  I'm curious what the actual percentage split between Canada and the US will be as that would show where GSP's drawing power is in relation to the US market.  We already know that he is going to draw a lot of attention and buys from the Canadian market whenever he is put on a card but to be the first real "new generation" guy who can carry a show he'll have to pull in that same level of attention in the states.

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