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Random Steroid Testing: It's An Outrage

Recently, NSAC has started a policy of random drug testing, in which fighters are tested for drugs randomly before fights.  NSAC is a branch of the Nevada state government, meaning the government is conducting drug testing completely at random without any probable cause ("being a fighter" is not probable cause).  

I'm shocked to see writers across the MMA spectrum approve of this gross abuse of basic rights.  Everyone justifies this because it is for the fighters own good, a rationale that is generally used to justify any oppressive government tactic.  Is there anybody out there willing to fight for the fighters?  From random testing to the presumption of guilt upon a positive test, the entire system is completely bogus and one-sided.

So much has been said lately about the oppressiveness of UFC contracts, unfair pay, and other similar things.  However, that is not even close to being the main thing holding fighters down.  Fighters have completely failed to adequately represent themselves at every stage of the MMA game.  From pay to steroid testing, it is up to them to come together and fight for their rights, and instead they have completely given in across the spectrum.  When will fighters stand up and do something about their situation, instead of whining on message boards and simply hoping things change?