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Roger Gracie Gets His Man

A while back I got snarky about Roger Gracie turning down top flight opponents. I was rightly smacked down in the comments because frankly, Gracie is too promising and too new to be thrown in at the deep end. He should be brought along slowly against gradually improving competition. Well, no worries that he's being fed to the sharks, Fightlinker reports:

After weeks of head scratching on who the fuck to put in front of Roger Gracie at Sengoku 2, a fighter has finally been announced: Pancrase legend Yuki Kondo. This is a nice twist on the old Gracie showcase where a smaller more skilled opponent takes out a larger and stronger opponent. Except this time the Gracie is the larger and stronger and more skilled one and his opponent is ... smaller and older.
Is it too much to ask that he fight heavyweights?

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