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Sherk vs Penn: The Case for Sherk

Tom Kim of the Seattle Post Intelligencer has broken down how he sees the Sherk/Penn fight. In addition to producing the nifty gif of Sherk's left hook to double leg takedown against KenFlo, he points out that:

  • While all fighters have practiced the punch-takedown combo, Sherk has really perfected the technique and has had a lot of success using it.
  • Sherk lacks Penn's power, but he has very good technique and good head movement. Like BJ, he also has an iron chin.
  • Sherk has fought and beat several BJJ based fighters including Nick Diaz, Florian and Franca (that's 3 current BJJ black belts if you're counting). What Sherk lacks in submission technique, he often makes up for with his sheer strength, determination and cardio.
  • While Penn looked to be in great shape in his last fight, his conditioning still hasn't been tested. Sherk has proven time and time again, that his conditioning is the best in the UFC.
Sean Sherk likes his chances too, here's his gameplan:
"I've got just as much natural ability as he has, the difference is I have the mental ability and the heart. After fight night you'll see that.

"I'm gonna make him quit. I'm gonna come at him hard, I'll get right up in his face and I'm gonna fight.

"Mentally I think he's got some quit in him, I've seen it. If you push him, he'll quit."

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