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Silence On Tim and Fedor

All has been quiet for weeks on the Sylvia/Fedor front.  The last thing we heard was that Monte Cox is still waiting to get the $2 million signing bonus back.  Now, we have an announcement of Adrenaline 2 in September, which will be headlined by Tim Sylvia:

"My next show for Adrenaline will be Sept. 6 and that's going to be at the i wireless Center in Moline, Ill.," said Cox.

The i wireless Center is a 12,000-seat multi-purposed facility that is home to both a minor league hockey team and an arena football team.

"That's basically the Quad Cities, home of the Miletich Fighting Systems," Cox continued. "That show will include Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell."

The article goes on to mention the Fedor fight as if it's still happening, but as the days go on I am more and more skeptical.  Signing Tim to fight just 7 weeks after a fight with Fedor is suspicious enough, and combined with the lack of news on the Affliction show, I am starting to get nervous that another Fedor fight is about to fall apart.  It would be great if someone could come forward and confirm this whole thing is still happening.

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