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Risk and Reward For Faber

UFC has long flirted with the idea of bringing in Urijah Faber to main event a Spike special or fight on a PPV to get him even more over nationally as a star, because it would help WEC a lot.  In an interview over at MMA Junkie, Faber says he wants to avenge his loss to Tyson Griffin:

"I'd definitely like to avenge the loss, of course," said Faber, who secured the WEC's 145-pound title in March 2006. "It's my only blemish. At this time, it's something that could happen in the future. We're both pretty young in the sport."

For what it's worth, Faber said he's willing to jump up a weight class if means getting Griffin as an opponent. The UFC doesn't currently have a 145-pound weight class, and Griffin fights as a 155-pounder in the UFC.

"I wouldn't have a problem going up to 155," he said. "We were actually supposed to do it one time before [Griffin] went into the UFC."

I wouldn't be surprised if this happens sooner than later.  I don't expect them to make a deal with Yamamoto and K-1 anytime soon, so as long as Faber wins Sunday, he doesn't have any real huge matches looming in the 145 pound division.  I for one would love to see this on a UFC show, but there are obvious risks and downsides to the idea if Faber loses.

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