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Quote of The Day: Kimbo Slice Not The Face of MMA


Kimbo hasn’t fought anyone nearly as good as Mir or Herring. Who knows if he ever will? EliteXC and CBS are running his career like a boxer, even if trumped up records and mismatch fights have severely damaged that sports’ popularity.

Saturday’s card is not set up to show the best of mixed martial arts and introduce America to a sport it would likely embrace.

If CBS was trying to build serious interest in football, it wouldn’t trot out an unproven pro team against a doomed high school squad and call the ensuing blowout the best the game offers.

But neither the network nor EliteXC are treating the sport or Kimbo Slice as anything but disposable programming. And that’s the problem here.

-- Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports says EliteXC is willing to sell anything, even a false portrait of its sport, to succeed.

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