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The Man Behind The Curtain

The online MMA community has been so busy celebrating Wanderlei Silva's return to form that they missed a very important fact:

“I know people think there was a lot of pressure on me, but I was OK,” said Silva (32-8-1). “I had Randy (Couture) in my corner and I looked at him and he was so calm, and that relaxed me.”

Wanderlei began training with Randy full time after the Chuck loss, and has become fully integrated into Xtreme Couture.  Of course, the reality of last night is that Wand won by beating the crap out of Keith Jardine, something he knew how to do before he started training with Randy.  But it can't hurt to have the natural in your corner when it comes to strategy and adapting to the Octagon.  Count this as one more factor that could make a Machida/Silva fight even more interesting.

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