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UFC 84 Wrap Up

--Palhares and Carwin are both the real deal.  Palhares looked tremendous on the ground, and Wellisch is no joke.  Carwin is known for his wrestling, so it meant a lot to win this first fight standing.

--Tito loses, but he will still go onto the market nearly as valuable as he was last week.  Great promo at the end thanking everyone, I'm glad he didn't get cheap and attack Dana.  That near-submission at the end was nuts, but he was just too high to pull it off.

--Machida looks like he is going to be unbeatable.  He has tremendous takedown defense and power to go along with his elusiveness.  Who is next for Machida?  It's really hard to say.  Wand is the match that makes sense but we won't see that one.  Quinton v. Machida is a nightmare for Dana.  

--Wanderlei winning was an amazing moment.  The bar I was in went berserk, and I'm guessing the arena did too.  Just a brutal ass kicking, and I'd really like to see him just fight Rampage right now.

--BJ clearly wants GSP, and this fight didn't really do anything to prove to me that he would win or lose that one.  I'd really like to see him AT LEAST defend against the winner of Huerta/Florian before moving up, but he may insist on it.  Dana is clearly opposed based on the conference call, so I suspect we won't see that one until 2009.

--They did not announce Lesnar/Herring tonight, and Lesnar was at the show, so maybe there is another option.