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UFC 84 Live Results Tonight

As with every major show we'll be bringing you live results and reactions here at  I'll be here with you from the time the show starts until it ends.  At the end of the show make sure you tune in to Any Given Saturday with Luke Thomas for great post-event analysis beginning at 1am EST. Number to call and steer the show with your opinion LIVE: 646-478-5091.

If you're watching the event and want to shout out your thoughts don't waste your time on a lame ass message board with a bunch of twelve year olds.  Come here and say it to the smartest community on the web.  See me say something stupid about the show as it is happening?  Call me on it.  This is a community that is made great by the readers.  Participate!

It's Penn vs. Sherk baby!  I had trouble sleeping last night I'm so excited.

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