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Dana In Hiding?

Dana White was not at the weigh-ins today, prompting a lot of people to speculate he did it to avoid Tito.  However, Dave Meltzer reports he's been missing in action at multiple events:

Notes: Ortiz got the biggest reaction, more cheers than boos. He was wearing a "Dana is my bitch" T-shirt that got a big reaction. No Dana White at yesterday's press conference, today's Ultimate Fighter media day or at the weigh-ins. Obviously something major is wrong.

It's possible he just decided to take the whole weekend off to avoid the Tito situation.  Who knows?  Maybe avoiding the event will take the attention off Tito and focus it onto Penn and Sherk.

The reaction to Ortiz and his shirt said it all.  He was the biggest star in the room by miles.  It is complete madness to let the second biggest superstar on the roster leave, and hopefully the Fertittas overrule Dana and re-sign Tito.  Even with a loss, he is still worth so much.  Imagine, for example, a full TUF season with Brock Lesnar and Tito Ortiz leading to a fight at the end.  That would probably be the highest buyrate of the year, regardless of whether Tito wins this fight.  Wake up Zuffa!


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