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Dana White: B.J. Penn Would Beat Kimbo Slice

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White said he knows he has some competition from other organizations that have surfaced recently.

But as White looks in his rearview mirror, he doesn't see much of a challenge in what other MMA companies are bringing to the table.

One upcoming fight on national television from a rival organization will feature street fighter turned MMA fighter Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice.

"The amount of talent and fights we put on are second to none," White said. "Think about it, the CBS fight that they are coming up with, who gives a crap about Kimbo Slice? This guy can't fight MMA.

"You know what would happen if he fought in the UFC? I'd put him in against (lightweight champion) BJ Penn and (Slice) would get annihilated.

"The guy he is fighting, James Thompson, might get knocked out before he gets into the cage. Kimbo has no credibility at all in MMA. ... I am telling you, BJ Penn would beat him."

Whether or not White is right is largely irrelevant. No one with any knowledge denies just how green Kimbo is when it comes to professional level mixed martial arts. But Dana should be careful about his own glass house. If White is so strict and so concerned with only putting on the best fights with best fighters, one wonders why he signed Sean Gannon and or a very green, 1-0 Brock Lesnar. Doesn't he know Fedor or Pezao would kill him? The argument works both ways if we want to be petty.

What's notable to me is that Slice is probably making very good progress as a MMA fighter and might be ready for a serious challenge in a fight or two. Given Kimbo's athleticism, training team and work ethic, it is conceivable he could be a good professional fighter and all White is doing is robbing himself of the exposure and buzz Slice brings to the table when he fights with these ridiculous insults and classless statements. White is ensuring Slice adheres to Pro Elite brand loyalty over the long run, which as a self-professed businessman, is pretty poor technique on his part. Who on earth would want to work for a boss who insulted you as you learned the industry and gained skills?