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Machida's Biggest Night

Judging by the statements over the last few weeks, you'd think Tito Ortiz was fighting Dana White this saturday.  He's not:

Machida, who years ago was groomed for superstar status in Japan but never quite achieved it, may have his career in the U.S. determined largely based on Saturday’s fight.

He’ll either be remembered as the guy who sent Ortiz out of the UFC with his tail between his legs, and in the process put himself in line for a light heavyweight title shot, or he’ll be the guy whose loss led to one of the company’s most embarrassing moments, allowing former light heavyweight champion Ortiz to upstage White, UFC’s president.

It's interesting to me that Dana chose Machida for this.  The first guy you'd naturally think of to put Tito in his place is a third Liddell match, because it's a sure thing outcome and a big draw, but instead he is rolling the dice with Machida.


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