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Affliction Undercard To Air On FSN

Affliction announced a partnership with Fox Sports Net today:

California State Athletic Commission executive director Armando Garcia confirmed that a 3.5 million dollar bond had already been posted for the show, clearing the way for ticket sales to the public. The bond ensures, among other things, that fighters are guaranteed their purses.

The amount of the bond further refutes the rumors that the fighters’ purses alone were expected to total six million dollars.

Also announced was a partnership with Fox Sports Net to air the evening’s hour long undercard live.

FSN airing the undercard is a nice step, but not really one that is going to turn this into a PPV success.  It may add a few thousand buys though, so it is definitely a good step.

I included the part about the purses because it is such an odd paragraph.  The amount of the bond does not prove anything.  It simply proves that the base salaries do not go over that number, it says nothing about the bonuses that usually make up a large amount of total salaries in MMA promotions like the UFC.  If Fedor's deal is going to net him 1.5 million, and his base is only 700,000, that does not make the show any more financially sound.

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