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Tito Ortiz Speaks Out

The former UFC light heavyweight champion ponders this question and a few others revolving around his volatile relationship with Dana White in this exclusive interview with's Greg Savage. The always-candid Ortiz delves into his past to speak about the man he once called his manager and friend, and their relationship gone awry.

EDITOR'S NOTE: While much of what Ortiz says here must be taken with a grain of salt, the one issue that deserves attention is the differing interests between the UFC and it's fighters as it relates to sponsors. I'm neither taking Ortiz's nor White's side in the debate, but it's easy to predict further conflict. As the UFC has it's own set of sponsors, some fighters may have another - and some of the offers from them could be enormously lucrative. The problem is that if the fighter's sponsors conflict with UFC interests or UFC sponsor's interests, the fighter loses every time. You can make a case for either party, but over the long run, don't think it will be just Ortiz making an issue about this matter.

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