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The Value of International Expansion

I have attacked UFC's international expansion strategy in the past, but it's worth remembering why UFC is targeting the European markets.  Look at WWE's Wrestlemania buyrate breakdown, via Adam Swift.

WWE Wreslemania XXIV is currently estimated at 1,058,000 buys (667,000 North American Buys).  The event drew 23.8 million in pay per view revenue...All told the event generated $31.3 million in total revenue with an after tax profit of $4.6 million.

667,000 North American buys is barely higher than what UFC 79 did, but WWE did $10 million more in PPV revenue with a worldwide PPV base.  Establishing a worldwide PPV base is crucial to long term success.  It makes hot periods hotter, and ensures companies stay in business even when times aren't great.  Both Germany and Australia are major sources of international PPV buys for WWE, which is why they are being targeted.  

It's also worth taking a look at the gigantic disparity between revenue and profit. WWE paid more guys than UFC does, but at the same time the low level guys are hardly making a lot.  These major PPV shows are very expensive.