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The Editor's Note

For a variety of reasons, today is a big day for this site. I'm arguably the most imperfect EIC in history, but I do my best to put everything I have into this site so that someone offers thoughtful, dedicated fans of mixed martial arts a place to go in the blogosphere.

And over time, I think I've succeeded. As I said on the airwaves today, this site has the best commenters of any MMA site on the Internet, period. You guys are a gigantic part of this site's appeal and I'm happy to have every one of you..well, not everyone;)

So, while the change to the new format might take some adjustment, I want to welcome all and thank you for keeping the staff on their toes, offering really smart analysis and giving me the opportunity to read really smart comments.

Thank you so much for making this site what it is, imperfections and all. You've helped to make it grow over the last year and the sky's the limit. I couldn't do it without you.

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