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Sherk: MMA Math Won't Do

Sean Sherk thinks so. In this excellent piece on he breaks down B.J.'s fight with GSP and his own:

Semantics aside, it's arguable that Penn has looked better than Sherk against two common opponents, St. Pierre and Hughes (whom Penn beat once prior to losing to him). Sherk lost a five round decision in 2003 to Hughes and was TKO'd by St. Pierre.

"BJ looked better against St. Pierre than I did. He went the distance and probably won the first round. He looked better than me and there's no way around that but I believe that styles make match ups and St. Pierre was not a good style for me.

"I'm not going to make any excuses for size. Everybody I've ever fought at welterweight was bigger than me so that wasn't it. The fact of the matter is that St. Pierre was the better fighter that night. He used his reach well, has solid striking and is a phenomenal wrestler. Look what he's done to every single wrestler he's fought: he's taken them down and pounded them. He did that to Frank Trigg, Hughes, me and Josh Koscheck who is a four time all American. The guy can wrestle and for me just wasn't a good match up because of his reach and mobility," Sherk admits.

Luke already posted about Sherk's belief that B.J. was "broken" in his fight with Hughes, but I believe his analysis of the GSP fights is more interesting.

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