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Hackleman Picks Jardine, Rampage, Machida

Good interview at Fighthype with Chuck Liddell's trainer John Hackleman. In addition to some interesting commentary about the Dana/Matt Lindland dispute (Hackleman blames Dana for being petty), Hackleman shares his thoughts on some upcoming matchups:

PC: Who do you like in the fight between Wanderlei and Jardine?
JH: Shit man, that's a tough one. I like Jardine.

PC: What about Machida and Tito?
JH: That's a tough one too. I see it as a toss up. I love both of those guys. I think Tito is still one of the best 205 pounders in the world, but he has a bad relationship with Dana White. I think he's definitely in the top 10 and he's not listed because Dana doesn't like him, but he's definitely in the top 10 light heavies. Machida probably is a top 5 light heavy right now, but the styles; that's a weird style match-up.

PC: I can see Tito taking him down and dominating just like I could see Machida keeping it standing and outpointing Tito.
JH: Yeah, but Machida can surprise you when he hits the ground. I might give an edge to Machida actually. I think he's really good at making everything work and he's really technical. He is like the Larry Holmes of MMA. It doesn't look like he's doing much, but he does enough to keep beating people.

PC: Last fight, who do you like between Rampage and Forrest?
JH: Rampage. I think Rampage is a little sharper and a little more explosive, but then again, I wouldn't put odds on it. I wouldn't go more than even odds. Forrest has already shown how tough he was. Not only can he take a punch, but he comes in great shape. He's the kind of guy that you can't count out. It would be close to even odds, but I think Rampage has a little too much right now.

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